Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to Hollywood!

I thought it would be cool for the boys to experience a little of the crazy life in Hollywood, and they did. They were amazed at all the funky things out there, and loved the stars on the sidewalks. They really like Michael Jackson's music so I thought it was cool to take a picture or his star and wax figure.

Brandens 1st Day of School

Branden's first day of school was today, he was so happy to go, looking forward to making new friends, and lets not forget eating the nutritious lunches at the cafeteria. He tought it would be so cool to sit in the cafetira with all the other children, he feels all grown up now. So today he woke up extra early and got himself ready for his 1st day of school. I admire him so much, since preschool he has been so diciplined and I pray that he carries it throughout his life.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Vacation Photos

Had to post this pic of Johnny he was having so much fun that day, the waves kept puling his trunks down.

Having some fun at the Beach while in Cali!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blogging placed in the back burner!

Yikes! How time flies when life is on the Go! Let me just run by you what we have been up to the last three months! We moved from Utah the last week of May, the boys and I went to spend summer vacation with some family members in California. John left for work to Okinawa Japan around the 7th of June, he then traveled to Australia and Guam in a months time frame. During his oversea duty the boys and I tried to stay busy doing what we do best, spend daddy's hard earned money. We visited Legoland, Seaworld, Hollywood, Universal City Walk, LA Zoo, Griffith Observatory and drove 13 hrs to see my parents in El Paso, and from there we rode the bus into Durango and Torreon, Mexico. Overall we had our share of exhausting fun! In August 7th my mothers birthday, the boys and I traveled more than 15hrs by plane across country to reunite with Daddy in Okinawa. It has now been exactly 24 days since our arrival, and we couldn't be happier, although it has been hard to adapt a new culture. It has really been such a drastic change in our lives but we are doing what we can to stay positive and hopeful. We are still living out in a hotel room, and anxiously looking for a house now. School just started today, but we are still waiting to enroll the boys into one. Hopefully it won't be long till we are settled and they find friends. Branden is one taking this change very hard, he really misses his estability and friends back in Utah.
Well this is it for now, I will try to keep this blog updated because this is an experience I'd like to share with you and my boys to one day read all about! Next time I will post pictures and updates of the life out here and its culture. Thanks for looking, miss you family and friends.

Friday, March 6, 2009

We got Orders!

This past Thursday John received his transfer orders to Okinawa, Japan. Although it was expected for sometime now, the news still came in as a total schock. John's check-in date to his new duty station is July 31st so we most likely leave in June so we can visit our families out of state. We are sadden to leave family, friends and neighbors, we will miss you lots. I know our savior works in mysterious ways and he knows what's best for us. I have faith that this will be an opportunity to bring my family closer to him.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just 4 Fun, Get to Know Me Things

Someone asked that I post 25 things about me to know me better. At first I couldn't come up with anything but then I kept going making the list longer than 25. Anyhow here it goes nothing really exciting...

1. I grew up in a small town in northern Mexico, we lacked commodity but lived very happy. I loved helping my mother sell food on the weekends.
2. I started earning money at age 8. I baby sat my now 25yr old nephew. When in season I picked cotton, tomatoes, chili peppers, and grapes on my grandpa’s field.
3. I moved to the States at age 10, learning English was a great challenge for me. I now speak both Spanish and English fluently.
4. I graduated high school in 1993 and will always regret not going to college.
5. I never thought to marry and become a homemaker. I enjoy it very much now.
6. I never learned how to cook until my 2nd yr of marriage, I now really like it. My specialty is Mexican dishes. I don’t follow recipes well so I just go by taste. Baking is not for me. I like to cook and taste different foods. I do not like to eat or cook fish.
7. I dislike having a dirty home, kitchen and baths especially. I like it when it smells clean
8. I don’t know how to relax. I seriously can’t go to bed without cleaning the kitchen first.
9. As much as I clean and try to keep my home organized, is hard to maintain it that way.
10. I never did have a hobby until now. I enjoy blogging, playing v-ball, and jogging. I don’t watch much TV, unless is HGTV and TLC when time allows it.
11. My goals are to earn a degree, learn how to play a musical instrument, serve a mission, and doing humanitarian work.
12. Running around in PJ’s or any type of loose clothing is not for me, it gives me a lazy and tired feeling.
13. I love to run every morning or evenings although lately I been too lazy.
14. I might not be the smartest, but have good common sense.
15. I find it hard to make new friends, there for I don’t have many. I consider myself boring, with a good sense of humor.
16. I love the color brown, but dislike my skin color. When I was little I was called “negra” because of my skin color.
17. I have lived in a bus (not a tour bus) a real passenger bus at a junk yard, garage, apartment, and now a home. I know what it feels to go hungry on a Christmas morning. Life has thought me humility and gratitude.
18. I think I have a great memory, except with names.
19. I don’t know how to write well, but I do much better in spelling.
20. I wish I’d grown up with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I would have done many things differently. I love the feeling of peace I find at the Temple. I go there every chance I get.
21. Serving others is a great feeling. I wish I do it more often.
22. I cry for every little thing. I am a very sensitive woman. I don’t really eat chocolate, and I don’t like money to be spent in flowers. I’m just weird. I do love diamonds. 
23. I get very anxious and my voice cracks when I argue. I feel extremely bad when I loose my cool . I do not like drama.
24. I dislike organizing parties or hosting them.
25. I would like to be more creative. I would like to complain less.